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Fees below are inclusive of current VAT (22%) and are quoted in Euro.

*Members of ILLS societies qualify for discounted registration rates. Once selected the association, declaration of annual membership fee in good standing is required to finalize the registration.
**Emerging countries are those state as “low-income” and “lower-middle income” as per World Bank country classification. For a complete list of these countries, please check World Bank Website here. Low income economies are defined as those with a GNI per capita, calculated using the World Bank Atlas method, of $1,085 or less in 2021.


The data made available through the online registration system are gathered and treated by the ILLS 2023 Organizing Secretariat – Triumph Italy in compliance with the EU regulation on data protection. All data are treated by the Triumph Italy for organizational purposes, in particular for the registration to Meetings as well as for the monitoring of credits for the Continuing Medical Education of the participants. At any Congress and Symposium each participant receives one badge carrying the family name and the first name of the participant as well as a bar or QR code. Through the code all data on this from can be accessed through software at the sole disposal of the ILLS 2023 Organizing Secretariat.

Each participant shall consider that by accepting any scanning of the badge at any stand at the Congress or Symposium, the participant gives his/her authorization to the ILLS 2023 Organizing Secretariat to transfer the data of the participant regarding his/her name, surname, country and e-mail to the holder of the stand (usually a pharmaceutical company), including the authorization to use said data for purposes such as the promotion of pharmaceutical products and similar

All cancellation must be notified in writing, by email, to according to the following policy:
- Cancellations received in writing from 2 nd April 2023 until 1 st June 2023 the Organizers shall retain 50% of the contract price
- Cancellation received in writing on or after 1 st June – no refund shall be due

All refunds will be made within three months after the end of the event. Requests submitted after this period shall not be considered. Refunds, if due, will be made on the same credit card used for the payment of the services (or by bank transfer); Any participants initially registered as an individual, who then received sponsorship by an Industry Company, shall not be entitled to a refund; Refunds will not be processed in the event that a Visa Application has been refused by an Embassy/Consulate Office. The above-stated cancellation policies also applies to Social Events Registration (if any)

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