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The Organizers of ILLS 2023 will ensure that Rome goes down in the history of laparoscopic liver as one of the most influential events of our generation. This success relies on the involvement of a diverse range of partners from the public and business sectors to provide the content of the ILLS 2023 through active participation and engagement, as well as financial support and sponsorship to successfully stage the event.

Chair Luca Aldrighetti, Co-Chair Roberto Troisi and Co-Chair Mohammed Abu Hilal will ensure that each part of the program engages proactively with leaders in development sectors, with a view to the ILLS 2023 reaching new commitments, new capacity and new prospects.

Luca Aldrighetti - italy


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Roberto Troisi - italy


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Mohammed Abu Hilal - italy

Co-Chair and ILLS President Elect

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Scientific committee:

Francesca Ratti – Italy

Federica Cipriani – Italy

Gianluca Rompianesi – Italy

Mariano Giglio – Italy

Martina Guerra – Italy

Giuseppe Zimmitti – Italy

Local committee:

Giuseppe Maria Ettorre - Italy

Felice Giuliante - Italy

Gianluca Grazi - Italy

Giuseppe Tisone - Italy


Aldrighetti Luca - Italy

Alseidi Adnan - USA

Asbun Horacio - USA

Bagni Oreste - Italy

Bale Reto - Austria

Belli Giulio - Italy

Bentabak -Kamal - Algeria

Besselink Marc - The Netherlands

Boggi Ugo - Italy

Briceno Javier - Spain

Buell John - USA

Cai Xiu-Jun - China

Calise Fulvio - Italy

Cescon Matteo - Italy

Cherqui Daniel - France

Cillo Umberto - Italy

Cipriani Federica - Italy

Ciria Ruben - Spain

Clearu Sean - USA

Conrad Claudius - USA

Cucchetti Alessandro - Italy

Dagher Ibrahim France

De Carlis Luciano - Italy

D'Hondt Mathieu - Belgium

Di Benedetto Fabrizio - Italy

Dokmak Safi - France

Dossou Francis - Benin

Edwin Bjorn - Norway

Endo Itaru - Japan

Ettorre Giuseppe - Italy

Ferrero Alessandro Italy

Fretland Asmund - Norway

Geller David - USA

Giglio Mariano – Italy

Giuliante Felice - Italy

Goh Brian - Singapore

Grazi Gianluca - Italy

Gruttadauria Salvatore - Italy

Guerra Martina - Italy

Guglielmi Alfredo - Italy

Gumbs Andrew - France

Han Ho-Seong - South Korea

Herman Paulo - Brazil

Honda Goro - Japan

Iannitti David - USA

Jovine Elio - Italy

Kaneko Hironori - Japan

Kim KH - South Korea

Kwon David - USA

Liu Rong - China

Lopez Ben Santiago - Spain

Machado Marcel - Brazil

Maharjan Dhiresh - Nepal

Marques Hugo - Portugal

Martine John - USA

Mazzaferro Vincenzo - Italy

Meng MS - China

Meng Su Zeng - China

Menon Krishna - UK

Mirabel Xavier - France

Mohammed Abu Hilal - Italy

Montalti Roberto - Italy

Morise Zenichi - Japan

Pawlik Timothy - USA

Pekolj Juan - Argentine

Pratschke Johann - Germany

Ratti Francesca - Italy

Rompianesi Gianluca - Italy

Rotellar Fernando - Spain

Russolillo Nadia - Italy

Schmelze Moritz - Germany

Sheng Ruo Fang

Sijberden Jasper - Italy

Siriwardena Aijith - UK

Soubrane Olivier - France

Sucandy Iswanto - USA

Suh Kyung-Suk - South Korea

Swijnenburg Rutger-Jan - The Netherlands

Tanabe Minoru - Japan

Tang Chung-Ngai - China

The Catherine - Philippines

Tisone Giuseppe - Italy

Troisi Roberto - Italy

Van Dam Ronald - The Netherlands

Vanlader Aude - Belgium

Vibert Eric - France

Vivarelli Marco - Italy

Wakabayashi Go - Japan

Zimmitti Giuseppe – Italy

About the Organizers


Pushing technical
boundaries of MILS

Robotic-assisted liver

Role of MIS in
liver tumors

Allied technologies in
liver tumors

systems in MILS

Minimally Invasive
Donor Hepatectomy

MILS and gender

MILS in emerging

Teaching and
training in MILS

Updates in trials and

Tentative agenda:
Program at a glance:

* Version Updated to February 2, 2023

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+39 06 355301

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